Monday, December 5, 2011

Evolution of a Mommy (Tears & Joy)

It was nearly a year ago that I sat with a very round belly stretched to the max while I watched tiny stretch marks start to appear. I bellied up to my desk everyday awaiting the arrival of my first baby. We continued work on his nursery and just returned from our babymoon. I wondered what he would look like, how he would arrive and what our story would be. I looked at his room and imagined his tiny hands investigating everything. He didn't even have a name yet.

As I plan his 1st birthday, I swell up with tears in memory of how fleeting, formative and precious this year has been. The first few months of his life were probably the most painful for me. Aside from the obvious physical pains there are growth pains in becoming a mommy. Those first two months are hell. You must sacrifice all of yourself. Every ounce and every breath.

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I had no idea the growth that I was going to experience in one year. I knew our family was growing but I had no idea that I was going to grow as well. 
Change is hard and growth hurts. 
No one tells you about. But you wouldn't believe them anyway.  

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You think you know how hard it is to raise a baby: lack of sleep, lack of communication and a messy house. But you really have no idea until you are knee-deep in dirty diapers. It is so intense that you cannot imagine it because no sane person would happily jump into parenthood otherwise!
The creation of a parent is a beautiful process and when you come out on the other side you are a better person (and parent) for it.

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At the time, I thought I ruined my life! But what I now know is that those first few months do not last long. You will turn around to see your little baby waddling away with a little strut to his step and waving a crooked good-bye . So hang on to everything. Love all the moments, even the bad ones because nothing lasts forever. I now find myself missing that tender little bundle as I stare at a very independent toddler.

Daddy and Son

May you never step on a Lego and to quote the Huggies commercial, "Enjoy The Ride."

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  1. What a wonderful post! Can't wait to celebrate the little one's birthday; and, I love that you wrote this on Patrick's birthday!! xoxox